Ready-Made Art

LizaBy Liza Blair
Arts Manager

Never underestimate the power of a paper towel roll.

Just the other day my five-year-old son showed me a fishing pole he made from a paper towel roll, tape and a blue balloon.

Granted, it didn’t look like a traditional fishing pole, but to my son, it was exactly what he needed it to be.

Watching him transform these simple items into different things reminded me of a valuable understanding from the perspective of an arts educator: “A child’s imagination is the best arts instruction.” Continue reading →

Sticks and Stones

AmyBy Amy Barrett
Museum Experience Manager

People often say that it’s the simple things in life that are best—which can be very true—but I have found that it’s the simple things in life that teach our children the most.

Since he could barely walk, no matter where we were outside, my son Kendall was immediately drawn to sticks of every different size. He would pick one up and transform it into an object of great worth.  It could become a warrior’s sword, a fishing pole, a soldier’s rifle, a telescope or just something with which to play. Continue reading →

Five Years and Still Going Strong

Allie (headshot)By Allie Karnes
Teen Volunteer

My name is Allie Karnes, and I’m a MAP.

That is, I am in the teen Museum Apprentice Program at Creative Discovery Museum.

When I first started volunteering at the Museum five years ago, I found that many of the teens in MAP training (including myself) only signed up because it would look good on a college application or because our parents were forcing us to.

The last thing we wanted to do as 12-year-olds was clean exhibits and make sure kids didn’t hurt themselves for eight hours a day. At least, that’s what we thought we would be doing. Continue reading →

A Dash of Pepper

KarenBy: Karen Dewhirst
Museum Science Manager

Black pepper and its flavoring companion, salt, can be found in kitchens all around the world. But did you know that black pepper is not only the world’s most traded spice, but that it can also be used to illustrate some important science principles such as surface tension?

Here’s a fascinating home science experiment that will help you understand the power of black pepper: Continue reading →

Build STEAM with your Child

Jenette DeanBy Jenette Dean
Early Childhood Manager

For optimal brain development, young children need lots of time to explore a variety of materials.

These young explorers are naturally curious and eager to experiment with everything they can see, touch, and feel, so providing a variety of materials in an “explorable” setting is great for developing thinking skills. STEAM activities offer these opportunities using everyday materials.

Unit blocks are an excellent STEAM tool because they address Science, Technology (how things work), Engineering (problem solving) Art , and Math (understanding part to whole). Continue reading →


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