Children and Tragedy

This post is dedicated to the five military service men and their families who tragically lost their lives in Chattanooga on July 16, 2015. 

Picture of a mother hugging her scared child.

Children are often in need of comfort from parents in times of great tragedy.

By Jayne Griffin
Director of Education

As tragic events occur throughout our city, nation, and world, children are often left feeling scared, confused, and fearful of the world around them. Children are usually very aware of these tragedies as they hear about it on TV, the Internet, and hear it mentioned in conversations around them. Therefore, we must learn how to best communicate the facts of the tragedy and help children deal effectively with the event.

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Creative Ideas for Indoor Fun with the Kids


By: Liza Blair
Arts Manager

Summer is a great time for children to play outdoors, but sometimes the weather makes it very unsafe to play in the heat. Here are some fun, indoor activities that will keep your child stimulated and engaged in the comfort of air conditioning. Continue reading →

Bicycling for a Good Mind

By Lisa Moore, Guest Blogger
Sr. Vice President, Corporate Strategic Services

Riding bikes can be healthy for both your body and mind.

Riding bikes can be healthy for both your body and mind.

The benefit of bicycling is not just a physical one. Researchers are discovering exactly how we can maximize the cognitive benefits of a good bike ride. Every pedal that we make forces more nerve cells to fire. As these neurons light up, they intensify the creation of proteins like derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and noggin, which promote the formation of new brain cells.  Continue reading →

Chattanooga Train Adventures for Your Family

By Curtis Jolley
Public Relations Coordinator

If you’ve ever visited or live in Chattanooga and your child loves trains, consider yourselves lucky. In connection to Chattanooga’s rich history involving railroads, there are many great summer destinations within short driving distance involving trains the Scenic City has to offer. Here’s a list to get you “on-track” for a great locomotive adventure around town with your family. And, of course, explore the Island of Sodor and learn all about trains at our temporary exhibit, Thomas & Friends™: Explore the Rails! at the Museum through Sept. 13! Continue reading →

Fun for All at Friends Discovery Camp

By Jayne Griffin
Director of Education

Child smiles as he receives an award

A child celebrates as he receives a special award at Friends Discovery Camp.

“Are you kidding me, lady? Everyone wants my normal child, but no one wants my kid with autism except you.”

This direct quote from the parent of a child with autism has haunted me for the last 16 years. It was said after I thanked parents for allowing their children to come to the first Creative Discovery Museum camp for children with autism. Continue reading →


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