Money Vs. Value: When Kids Decide How to Spend Time

LizaBy Liza Blair
Arts Manager

As a parent, I understand the value in getting my money’s worth – especially while on vacation. Deciding where to take the kids often boils down to: What’s the cost, and what will give me the biggest bang for my buck?

Children can spend all day in one area of the Museum

Children can spend all day in one area of the Museum

This summer my family visited several museums. I researched each one to see which would be of interest to my kids, both under the age of 6. With a game plan in my mind, we were ready to explore. But children’s interest change daily – hourly in fact, and I was quickly reminded how fickle Continue reading →

Meet Shannon Johnson

Carrie FitzsimmonsBy: Carrie Fitzsimmons Rigdon
Guest Blogger


Many families enjoy coming to Creative Discovery Museum and creating memories with their children that will last a lifetime. From digging in the sand in Excavation Station, to venturing upstairs to see the “new” exhibit, Creative Discovery Museum is a child’s hands-on learning station. However, many visitors do not see the behind-the-scenes activities that bring their favorite exhibits to them at the Museum. Shannon Johnson, Director of Exhibit Development, Evaluation, and Capital Projects, sat down and told us all about her role in bringing exciting exhibits to the Museum. Continue reading →

Charlotte – A Lesson in the Cycle of Life

By: Karen Dewhirst
Museum Science Manager

Charlotte, a Golden Orb Weaver, sits on her nicely-spun web.

Charlotte, a Golden Orb Weaver, sits on her nicely-spun web.

There was a buzz of excitement when Creative Discovery Museum staff members noticed that our resident Golden Orb-Weaving Spider, Charlotte, had created a large, round, golden egg sack. The thought of watching hundreds of baby Charlotte’s hatch in the coming months was thrilling. Continue reading →

The Power of Performance

LizaBy: Liza Blair
Arts Manager

Thinking in new ways is the basic activity for creative thinking, problem solving, and communication.

In an age when people spend a majority of their time in front of screens, it’s nice to have experiences that cause us to sit and be in the moment. Watching a live performance by a musician or dancer is always such a refreshing break for me. It unifies me with others through a shared experience I can’t find with digital media or reality TV. It causes me to think in new ways. Continue reading →

Meet the Staff: Candy Haley


Candy Haley serves as Programs Operations Assistant. Has your child ever made a craft or art project at Creation Station? You have Candy Haley’s creativity to thank for it! She is responsible for creating new Creation Station Activities that are age appropriate for every guest. Creation Station activities change monthly. Continue reading →


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