The Hidden Advantages of a Temporary Exhibit


By: Henry Schulson
Executive Director

Have you ever wondered how our temporary exhibits inspire us to update our permanent exhibits?


Magic Tree House Traveling Exhibit

Creative Discovery Museum has been fortunate to bring several exciting temporary exhibits to keep the visitor experience fresh and exciting. Our temporary exhibits attract new audiences and often present topics not covered by our permanent exhibits.

This summer we will host The Magic Tree House Traveling Exhibit based on the popular children’s book series in which Jack and Annie, the series’ two main characters, travel back in time. It will be our first exhibit focusing on history.

One of the hidden advantages of our temporary exhibits is that they often inspire new additions to our permanent exhibits. A number of our permanent exhibits grew out of one of our traveling exhibits. We decided to install the new slate wall in the art area after seeing how it was used in Children of Hangzhou: Connecting with China. Visitors use water to paint designs on our slate wall, and the designs gradually disappear as the water dries.

A few years ago, we had an exhibit on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Both the player piano and the interactive shadow wall were so popular that we decided to include them when we renovated Arts Alley. In 2010, we created Good for You: Healthy Fun on the Run. This exhibit is traveling around Tennessee and will return to the Museum next January. The play garden area is one of the highlights of the exhibit. We have now incorporated a permanent garden area into our Little Yellow House. Some of you may also remember an exhibit we had last year in which visitors could use wood panels to build a house and then crawl into it. This exhibit was originally a part of the Your House, My House exhibit which we hosted in 2009. The exhibit has been off display this year but will return in the fall.

If you see something you really like when you are visiting one of our travelling exhibits, please let us know. It may end up staying here in one for or another!

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