Meet the MEs: Madeline Otting

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By Caroline Jackson
Public Relations Intern

The Museum Educators at Creative Discovery Museum create fun, playful and positive experiences through interactions and engagement with visitors. So if you’ve ever visited our Museum, you have probably seen Madeline excitedly teaching guests the wonders of science all the while displaying her infectious smile. 

Which exhibit is your all time favorite?

Oh, man! That’s tough. I would have to go with Excavation Station because it has the mineral station. I got my undergraduate degree in Geology and I love looking at the different samples we display. It is so exciting to see the spark of excitement on a child’s face when they experience geology in such a fun way! I hope one day I am able to be a teacher to ensure kids are learning how awesome subjects like geology can be.

You mentioned you would love to become a teacher one day. What would you do to make your classroom extra fun?

I would want them to have time to be kids. I would also make sure they were allowed to have brain breaks, time to explore. I think people forget how structured the school day is. I have learned that kids need time to reset. Oh, and I would have a lot of sparkly rocks. That would make any kid love geology!

When your mom packed your lunch when you were in school, what would you be most excited to see?

Watermelon. No questions asked. It was a rare occasion to look down into my lunch box and see watermelon, which may have made it even more fun to find it. I wish she was still packing my lunch!

How would your best friend describe you?

I know that people often describe me as “smiley”. I always say, “Oh, come on! Can you not think of anything better?” However, I do smile a lot. As far as how my best friend would describe me, I would assume she would say I am fun and goofy.

What would you say if you heard your friend had never visited the museum before?

I would say, “Wow! You have been missing out! You should come today!” This place is honestly so much fun. The staff and guests make this place one in a million. My friends are well aware of how much I enjoy it here, I tell them often!


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