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Summer Pasta Salads


By Liza Blair
Arts Manager

Pasta salad is one of the perfect summer time foods. Quick to make and packed with lots of flavor, their versatility is one of the reasons why I love this dish. Cooked pasta tossed with sauté vegetables, some good cheese, a little salt and pepper, and a quick drizzle of olive oil is my idea of summer comfort food. Continue reading →

Recipe: Sparkling Honeydew Fruit Salad

Honeydew Salad

Light green food like honeydew melon, green grapes and kiwi help improve vision and strengthen bones and teeth.

Summer is here, and so is fresh produce! Here’s a healthy and refreshing recipe to make with your children after a fun day of play. Enjoy! Continue reading →

3 Ways to Make Kitchen Time be Family Time

By Creative Discovery Museum
(Excerpts taken from information in the exhibit, Good for You: Healthy Fun on the Run)

A mother and her child cooking together.Looking for a way to keep your family healthy and increase your togetherness with each other? Look no further than your kitchen! Making menus, grocery shopping, preparing food at home, and eating together are activities that lead to healthy living. As an added bonus, these activities provide great educational tools for children. Even young children can have fun helping make healthy meals at home.  Continue reading →

Creative Ideas for Indoor Fun with the Kids


By: Liza Blair
Arts Manager

Summer is a great time for children to play outdoors, but sometimes the weather makes it very unsafe to play in the heat. Here are some fun, indoor activities that will keep your child stimulated and engaged in the comfort of air conditioning. Continue reading →

Smoothies Prove to Be a Healthy, Tasty Treat

 Liza Blair, Arts Manager
Creative Discovery Museum

Do you ever find yourself searching for a healthy snack option for your child? Perhaps you need a healthy, yet quick, breakfast option before they head off to summer camp. In either case, you may be looking for a smoothie!

Smoothies are a fresh, delicious and nutritious snack option. Made with fresh or frozen fruit and juice, smoothies have a thick, creamy texture from the addition of milk, yogurt, or ice base. Natural sweeteners, such as Continue reading →

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