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Children and Technology: Finding a Healthy Balance

JayneBy Dr. Jayne Griffin
Director of Education

As his little hands reached into my purse, his face reflected a familiar sheepish grin and twinkle in his eyes! Once again my grandson was reaching for the normally forbidden fruit… my smart phone!

The relationship between technology and my grandchildren is a constant battle for me. As an old educator, I want to stay current wit Continue reading →

Technology is Like Dessert

By Jenette Dean

Early Childhood Manager

children-on-ipad-alamyWhen my children were young, we spent a lot of car rides singing songs, talking, and playing rhyming games. My children are now in college, but they still remember those long road trips where Mom sang with them and played the ABC game.

It seems that everyday I notice younger and younger children who have amazing skills using electronic devices. Though we want our children to develop competence with the technology they will eventually use in everyday life, the amount of time some young children spend looking at and manipulating screens is troublesome. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that children under the age of 2 should not have any screen time. Though this approach might seem rigid, it’s based on what is happening in the brain during the first two years of life. Continue reading →

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