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Museum Spotlight: Senior Play Night Delivers Fun for All Ages

Senior Play Night.png

By Curtis Jolley
Public Relations Coordinator

Local non-profit, Causeway, recently posed a question to all of  Chattanooga: “How can more opportunities to play make Chattanooga a stronger city?”

You might think as a children’s museum that specializes in learning through play, a day at the Museum might have been enough to answer the question. But, three teens in our
Museum Apprentice Program (MAPs) wanted to take it a step further and reach a group that is unfortunately frequently left out of the play conversation: senior citizens.   Continue reading →

Don’t Knock It ‘Til You’ve Tried It

Allie (headshot)By Allie Karnes
Teen Volunteer

Never believe you can’t do something until you try.

This past summer, Creative Discovery Museum’s Museum Apprentice Program (MAP) received a grant from the Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund to create an app for children.

Many of the other MAPs (including me) were hesitant to join the project at first, because we thought we would have to write computer code—something most of us knew nothing about. However, thanks to a little “healthy” pressure from Museum staff and our parents, we decided to join the group.

We had no idea how much we would learn and what great opportunities working on the Mozilla grant would open up for us in the future. Continue reading →

Five Years and Still Going Strong

Allie (headshot)By Allie Karnes
Teen Volunteer

My name is Allie Karnes, and I’m a MAP.

That is, I am in the teen Museum Apprentice Program at Creative Discovery Museum.

When I first started volunteering at the Museum five years ago, I found that many of the teens in MAP training (including myself) only signed up because it would look good on a college application or because our parents were forcing us to.

The last thing we wanted to do as 12-year-olds was clean exhibits and make sure kids didn’t hurt themselves for eight hours a day. At least, that’s what we thought we would be doing. Continue reading →

There’s No Age Limit on Fun

RandyBy Randy Jestice
Youth Programs Manager

Some people say teens are too old to play at Creative Discovery Museum. We haven’t found that to be the case.

In fact, at the Museum, teens have taken a lead. The Museum’s Teen Advisory Board (TAB) was formed a little over two years ago from our experienced teen volunteers in order to give them an input in the running of our Museum Apprentice Program (MAP), the teen volunteer program at the Museum.

In 2011 the Museum conducted a number of focus groups that told us something surprising. Even though they are past the Museum’s target age group, teens remembered their visits to the Museum with a fond nostalgia and still wanted to visit it today. The only problem was they didn’t want to be there with small children or their parents. Continue reading →

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