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Get Ready for School at the Zoo

Girl-with-sheepsby Emily Lemons

A visit to the zoo is a wonderful opportunity to learn about animals from all over the world, but did you know it could also help your child get ready for kindergarten in a fun and meaningful context?  We are fortunate to have the Chattanooga Zoo in our community and as a partner in our kindergarten readiness program, Countdown to Kindergarten. While the ideas in this post are written specifically with the Chattanooga Zoo in mind, many of the ideas and activities can apply to many other places you might visit Continue reading →

What’s a Children’s Museum?

Excited ChildrenBy Jayne Griffin
Director of Education

What’s a children’s museum? I ask this question every time I present information to college classes and educators about how programs and exhibits at Creative Discovery Museum are designed. Answers to this question typically include that a children’s museum is fun and hands-on. I heartily agree with both of these descriptors – Children’s museums ARE fun, and the exhibits invite children and their caregivers to touch, play, and explore. But what makes a children’s museum different from other educational institutions like zoos, science centers, and even great classrooms? Continue reading →

Baseball Kindergarten Readiness


By Emily Lemons
Early Childhood Manager

Who doesn’t love a baseball game? Peanuts, crackerjacks, balls and strikes, and… kindergarten readiness? Believe it or not, a visit to the ballpark is a great way to help young children learn valuable skills that will prepare them for school. Young children learn best through exploration and experience, and anytime they visit a new environment, there are many opportunities for learning. Continue reading →

Out of Control: The Need for Executive Function Skills in Today’s Hectic World

Executive Function Skills

By Jayne Griffin
Director of Education

“What do you think my daddy will say?” These were the words my sad faced grandson asked his as his grandfather was driving him home. Our precious grandson, Hill, is blessed with the capacity to talk to anyone, anywhere and at anytime, and sometimes he uses this capacity at the wrong times, especially when he is in the kindergarten classroom where his mommy is his teacher. This particular day, Hill’s card had been moved which meant he was in the “danger zone” and, of course, he knew his teacher mommy would give full Continue reading →

The Power of Music for Children

Curtis is a professional musician and serves as the Pianist/Organist at Red Bank United Methodist Church.

Curtis is a professional musician and serves as the Pianist/Organist at Red Bank United Methodist Church.

Curtis Jolley
Public Relations Coordinator

As most parents or caregivers can attest to, having kids means having music. Whether listening to “Let it Go” for the hundredth time or hearing the tinkering noises of piano keys, music is often bountiful in households with kids living in them. But, before you put in ear plugs or throw out the piano, stop to consider all of the incredible health benefits music has to offer them.   Continue reading →

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