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Exploring the Museum with Young Children

Emily LemonsBy Emily Lemons
Early Childhood Manager

When you visit Creative Discovery Museum with a young child (under 5), you may think that you’ll be spending all of your time in the Little Yellow House. While we hope your little one will enjoys that area, there’s much, much more of the Museum for them to explore.

One of the most popular places in the museum for young children is RiverPlay. Even toddlers can enjoy playing with boats and Continue reading →

Six Things Kids Need to Succeed at School

Playcore Profile PictureBy Lisa Moore, Guest Blogger
Sr. Vice President, Corporate Strategic Services

The achieve-at-all-costs educational culture is taking its toll on kids and their performance at school. Experts suggest that there are six things that kids really need to succeed in the classroom.  Continue reading →

Fun for All at Friends Discovery Camp

By Jayne Griffin
Director of Education

Child smiles as he receives an award

A child celebrates as he receives a special award at Friends Discovery Camp.

“Are you kidding me, lady? Everyone wants my normal child, but no one wants my kid with autism except you.”

This direct quote from the parent of a child with autism has haunted me for the last 16 years. It was said after I thanked parents for allowing their children to come to the first Creative Discovery Museum camp for children with autism. Continue reading →

Tree Houses, Parachutes and Safe Risks

JayneBy: Jayne Griffin
Director of Education

The Magic Tree House™ Traveling Exhibit is coming to Creative Discovery Museum this summer. The title from this wonderful book series always reminds me of the words I so often heard from my mother – “He did WHAT?”-  after I dutifully and routinely reported my big brother’s adventures.

MTH treehouse (lg)

The Magic Tree HouseTM Traveling Exhibit

These adventures included making  a  parachute from a handkerchief to slow his jump from my aunt’s 8 foot tall chicken house, using scrap pieces of plywood to make a boat that would float in the creek (of course, it sank instead), and  building a tree house using real hammers and nails that was too fragile to hold even our pet dog.

My mother always said my brother’s adventures made her hair turn gray, but my brother’s hair-raising adventures may reflect an important part of childhood that is missing for many children today. Continue reading →

“How Many More Days?”

By: Jenette Dean
Early Childhood Manager

Jenette Blog photoYoung children truly have a difficult time understanding how many days until  a special holiday like Christmas or their birthday. Parents often express frustration with their child’s confusion and difficulty waiting for a special event. One way I like to talk to children about days is to say, “It takes two or four sleeps before it is your special day.” Children seem to understand this concept of “sleeps” before they understand the abstract concept of tomorrow. Continue reading →

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