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What’s a Children’s Museum?

Excited ChildrenBy Jayne Griffin
Director of Education

What’s a children’s museum? I ask this question every time I present information to college classes and educators about how programs and exhibits at Creative Discovery Museum are designed. Answers to this question typically include that a children’s museum is fun and hands-on. I heartily agree with both of these descriptors – Children’s museums ARE fun, and the exhibits invite children and their caregivers to touch, play, and explore. But what makes a children’s museum different from other educational institutions like zoos, science centers, and even great classrooms? Continue reading →

Exploring the Museum with Young Children

Emily LemonsBy Emily Lemons
Early Childhood Manager

When you visit Creative Discovery Museum with a young child (under 5), you may think that you’ll be spending all of your time in the Little Yellow House. While we hope your little one will enjoys that area, there’s much, much more of the Museum for them to explore.

One of the most popular places in the museum for young children is RiverPlay. Even toddlers can enjoy playing with boats and Continue reading →

Familiar PlayGym Faces: Meet the Sundstrom Family

By: Jenette Dean
Early Childhood Manager

The Sundstroms are familiar faces in PlayGym. They have been coming to PlayGym since 2005 when they started classes with Alden, their first child, at six Continue reading →

MMMM! Yummy Pie!

LizaBy: Liza Blair
Arts Manager

Who doesn’t love a slice of delicious pie? And, who wouldn’t feel good about eating a healthy pie made of vegetables? During the months of February and March, Creative Discovery Museum is teaching children how to make vegetable pot pies in the Museum’s Culinary Corner kitchen class.  You can also make this savory comfort food with your children at home.


The role of the pot pie has changed little since its humble beginnings.  Historically, pot pies, or pocket foods, were made out of necessity and for  convenience, using left-over pastry dough filled with local ingredients and  sealed so it can be easily transported without concern of mess.  Pot pies are either savory, filled with meat and/or vegetable, or sweet, filled with berries, chocolate, or nuts mixed with sugar.  Both are bound together by a flaky, Continue reading →

Use it up, make it, or do without


By: Karen Dewhirst
Museum Science Manager

I grew up surrounded by makers. My dad and grandpa could make or repair anything with things they had lying around and with basic tools. My hard working mom and grandmothers made their own clothes, home decor, and tended backyard gardens to fill their pantries. Hard work, persistence, problem solving and creativity that was modeled for me as a child is now the mission behind the Maker Movement.


Photo Courtesy of Maker Faire.

Did you know that there is a global Maker Movement devoted to inspiring and encouraging invention, creativity and resourcefulness? There are festivals and fairs in most major cities around the world to showcase the wild, wacky and wonderful things people make. I have attended some of these fairs and they are great sources of inspiration. The Maker Movement also made me ponder how former generations handed down the important traits of hard work, persistence and creative problem solving. Continue reading →

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