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What’s a Children’s Museum?

Excited ChildrenBy Jayne Griffin
Director of Education

What’s a children’s museum? I ask this question every time I present information to college classes and educators about how programs and exhibits at Creative Discovery Museum are designed. Answers to this question typically include that a children’s museum is fun and hands-on. I heartily agree with both of these descriptors – Children’s museums ARE fun, and the exhibits invite children and their caregivers to touch, play, and explore. But what makes a children’s museum different from other educational institutions like zoos, science centers, and even great classrooms? Continue reading →

Museum Spotlight: Countdown to Kindergarten

Countdown to Kindergarten Spotlight.png

By Curtis Jolley
Public Relations Coordinator

They might not know all of their numbers just quite yet, but rising kindergartners across Chattanooga will soon be counting down the days until they start big school thanks in part to our Countdown to Kindergarten program. Continue reading →

Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

By Curtis Jolley
Public Relations Coordinator

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, here are some funny Valentine’s Day cards for you and your child to enjoy!

Burst My Bubble Continue reading →

Exploring the Museum with Young Children

Emily LemonsBy Emily Lemons
Early Childhood Manager

When you visit Creative Discovery Museum with a young child (under 5), you may think that you’ll be spending all of your time in the Little Yellow House. While we hope your little one will enjoys that area, there’s much, much more of the Museum for them to explore.

One of the most popular places in the museum for young children is RiverPlay. Even toddlers can enjoy playing with boats and Continue reading →

20 Years of Fun and Discovery

Every goal starts with a dream. Our's also started with a construction model!

Every goal starts with a dream. Our’s also started with a construction model!

By Henry Schulson
Executive Director

The sense of discovery in a child is one of life’s greatest gifts. It often leads to unmatched bursts of creativity, wonder, and amazement no matter the activity. Since our opening in 1995, Creative Discovery Museum has focused on one mission – to create exciting opportunities for discovery through a unique combination of learning and play. Exhibits have come and gone, programs keep changing, but the sense of discovery has remained the core for everything we’ve done and continue to do moving forward. Continue reading →

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