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The Hidden Advantages of a Temporary Exhibit


By: Henry Schulson
Executive Director

Have you ever wondered how our temporary exhibits inspire us to update our permanent exhibits?


Magic Tree House Traveling Exhibit

Creative Discovery Museum has been fortunate to bring several exciting temporary exhibits to keep the visitor experience fresh and exciting. Our temporary exhibits attract new audiences and often present topics not covered by our permanent exhibits.

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Nanoscience: It’s Smaller Than You Think!

Nano exhibit comes to Creative Discovery Museum this fall!

Carrie Fitzsimmons By: Carrie Fitzsimmons
Public Relations Coordinator
Creative Discovery Museum

Source: Ali Dhinojwala, The University of Akron
A close up image of a gecko’s foot has become the inspiration for nanotechnology in the form of a special adhesive.

Wish you could hit a golf ball straighter? Scientists are thinking small and dramatically changing our lives and the products we use every day. Thanks to nanotechnology, scientists are designing golf clubs that make straighter shots. Athletic shoes are being created for better shock absorption. Nanotechnology is also improving our homes. In the kitchen, new nanoscience discoveries help keep foods fresher longer. Nano fabric treatments have even been successful in making sure spills are not absorbed and smells are not stuck in fabric.

According to the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Network), scientists and engineers learned to observe, measure, and manipulate individual atoms and molecules during the second half of the twentieth century. Imagine placing LEGOs together in various ways–the same concept applies to nanoscale technology.

Creative Discovery Museum is excited to announce the Nano exhibition, created by the NISE Network, which will debut at the Museum in early September. Nano will capture family audiences by explaining the basics of nanoscience and engineering, as well as introduce real world applications that explore this new technology.

Nano will answer the following questions:

  • What happens when things get smaller?
  • What’s new about nano?
  • Where can you find nano?
  • What does nano mean for us?

Stay tuned for more information on Nano, and visit our website (www.cdmfun.org) for regular updates.

Sources: “Intro to Nano: Think Small,” NISE Network; “Nanotechnology: Explain that Stuff!”; U.S. Dept. of Energy

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