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Get Ready for School at the Zoo

Girl-with-sheepsby Emily Lemons

A visit to the zoo is a wonderful opportunity to learn about animals from all over the world, but did you know it could also help your child get ready for kindergarten in a fun and meaningful context?  We are fortunate to have the Chattanooga Zoo in our community and as a partner in our kindergarten readiness program, Countdown to Kindergarten. While the ideas in this post are written specifically with the Chattanooga Zoo in mind, many of the ideas and activities can apply to many other places you might visit Continue reading →

3 Ways to Make Kitchen Time be Family Time

By Creative Discovery Museum
(Excerpts taken from information in the exhibit, Good for You: Healthy Fun on the Run)

A mother and her child cooking together.Looking for a way to keep your family healthy and increase your togetherness with each other? Look no further than your kitchen! Making menus, grocery shopping, preparing food at home, and eating together are activities that lead to healthy living. As an added bonus, these activities provide great educational tools for children. Even young children can have fun helping make healthy meals at home.  Continue reading →

Chattanooga Train Adventures for Your Family

By Curtis Jolley
Public Relations Coordinator

If you’ve ever visited or live in Chattanooga and your child loves trains, consider yourselves lucky. In connection to Chattanooga’s rich history involving railroads, there are many great summer destinations within short driving distance involving trains the Scenic City has to offer. Here’s a list to get you “on-track” for a great locomotive adventure around town with your family. And, of course, explore the Island of Sodor and learn all about trains at our temporary exhibit, Thomas & Friends™: Explore the Rails! at the Museum through Sept. 13! Continue reading →

Skillet Macaroni and Cheese

LizaBy: Liza Blair
Arts Manager

Macaroni and cheese is by far a kid favorite. Add a healthy twist to the classic comfort food and you have a well-rounded dish for your family. Skillet Macaroni and Cheese is Creative Discovery Museum’s latest Continue reading →

“Where a Leaf Will Land, Only the Wind Knows!”

Jenette DeanBy: Jenette Dean
Early Childhood Manager

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert is one of my favorite books that embraces the season. Once you share the story with your child, you will never look at a pile of leaves in the same way as you and your child will be forever searching for the figure of leaf man or perhaps some of his friends. Continue reading →

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