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The Importance of Patriotism


By Jayne Griffin
Director of Education

“You’re a grand old flag, you’re a high flyin’ flag, and forever in peace may you wave…”

These words are etched in the mind of every child who graduated from Fairyland School during the 1980s and ’90s. In those days, when teachers had time to teach the “soft skills” (like getting along with others, self-esteem, and the confidence to perform in front of a group), the emphasis on memorizing patriotic songs and “recitations” that  I experienced in school as a child of the ’50s was already waning. Continue reading →

A Patriotic Salute

JayneBy: Jayne Griffin, Ed. D.
Director of Education

“Let us live to make men free…..!”

These words from the Battle Hymn of the Republic have never meant more than when I heard them at the ceremony celebrating my brother’s promotion to become a Brigadier General. The idea that our military exists to make and keep us free has been ingrained in me since childhood and is the backbone of my patriotism.

I grew up in a time (back when the dinosaurs lived) when patriotism was a given – everybody seemed to know the words to patriotic songs and pride in country was a remnant of the WW II sacrifices that had touched every American. I also lived through decades that have exposed the darker side of the American experience. Yet even with its imperfections, I enjoy being a member of the American family as we strive toward the ideals of democracy.

Evan and his grandfather, Earl McDowell

Evan and his grandfather, Earl McDowell

Patriotism is basic to the future of a democracy but we live in a time when this trait is not always modeled for children. For this reason Earl McDowell went to Westview School most mornings to

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