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Milk Crate Gardening: How To

Milk Crate Garden Installation 8

By Karen Dewhirst
Museum Experience Manager – Science/Exhibits

When the opportunity arose to add another rooftop teaching garden at the Creative Discovery Museum, I wanted to do something unusual. Of course, milk crates came to mind! I had seen them used on a cooking show to create a rooftop garden and tucked the idea away. Milk crates are light, easily available in large quantities, portable, inexpensive and stackable. You can create your own milk crate garden to suit any space you have available. Continue reading →

Impromptu Science Talk

Children in Dirt

By Liza Blair

I love this time of year. The weather is warm; the days are sunny and bright; flowers are blooming; it’s a wonderful time for outdoor play and exploring nature. And, it’s the ideal time to plant a garden.

A few weeks ago, my kids helped me build our raised garden beds. My daughter held the boards while my son drilled in the screws. Once we were finished, it was time to dig out the sod and add new so Continue reading →

Epic Fail.

“Epic Fail”, the t-shirt read. Why would anyone advertise failure on their chest? I remembered my first epic fail.

1000216I was 8 or 9 years old. My mother had a beautiful garden full of vegetables we enjoyed throughout the summer and I wanted my own flower garden. My parents gave me permission, emphasizing the amount of work involved in tending a garden and assuring me that the responsibility was all mine. I was so excited. It was going to be Continue reading →

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