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Finding the Perfect Gift for Toddlers

Emily LemonsBy Emily Lemons
Early Childhood Manager

It’s that time of year when many of us are making lists and checking them twice- hoping to find good deals and perfect presents. Whether you’re shopping for holiday gifts or simply taking advantage of the great sales this time of year, here are a few of my favorite things to buy for the youngest children on your list:
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The Season for Reading: Why Books Make Great Gifts

Jenette DeanBy: Jenette Dean
Early Childhood Manager

Are you looking for a meaningful and thoughtful gift to give a child? Buy a book.

I love giving books to children. Each year, Continue reading →

Homemade Holiday

LizaBy: Liza Blair
Arts Manager

The last few weeks I have been busy with holiday preparations. I’ve been spending more time making gifts and finding ways to involve my Continue reading →

Making the Thought Count

By: Jayne Griffin, Ed. D.
Director of Education

“It’s the prettiest doll I’ve ever seen,” said Nancy as she unwrapped the present at her 9th birthday party. It was obvious to me that the baby doll would have been an okay gift for a much younger child. This doll certainly wouldn’t have been on Nancy’s wish list, but her immediate response when she opened the gift was so convincing that the little girl who gave her the gift beamed. As I looked at the giver, I realized this inexpensive baby doll was likely the best she could give and Nancy at the tender age of nine realized that. I was awestruck. My own three-year old child was well on his way to the “Is this all you’re giving me” mentality. How could I help my own child learn to be a more gracious receiver and know that the thought behind the gift is what counts?

Below are some tips to avoid those awkward moments when your children are less than gracious gift receivers: Continue reading →

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