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Skillet Macaroni and Cheese

LizaBy: Liza Blair
Arts Manager

Macaroni and cheese is by far a kid favorite. Add a healthy twist to the classic comfort food and you have a well-rounded dish for your family. Skillet Macaroni and Cheese is Creative Discovery Museum’s latest Continue reading →

Tree Houses, Parachutes and Safe Risks

JayneBy: Jayne Griffin
Director of Education

The Magic Tree House™ Traveling Exhibit is coming to Creative Discovery Museum this summer. The title from this wonderful book series always reminds me of the words I so often heard from my mother – “He did WHAT?”-  after I dutifully and routinely reported my big brother’s adventures.

MTH treehouse (lg)

The Magic Tree HouseTM Traveling Exhibit

These adventures included making  a  parachute from a handkerchief to slow his jump from my aunt’s 8 foot tall chicken house, using scrap pieces of plywood to make a boat that would float in the creek (of course, it sank instead), and  building a tree house using real hammers and nails that was too fragile to hold even our pet dog.

My mother always said my brother’s adventures made her hair turn gray, but my brother’s hair-raising adventures may reflect an important part of childhood that is missing for many children today. Continue reading →

Why Teach Young Children About Community Helpers?

Parents constantly warn children about the danger of strangers.  In today’s society, that is an important lesson.  But what happens if the child is in an emergency situation?   Imagine your house is on fire and someone in a strange uniform tries coaxing you from your home and your usual place of safety. You can understand why children sometimes hide from fire fighters under a bed or in a closet.

These fears can be prevented when children  meet community helpers in a safe and fun environment before being asked to trust them in an emergency. When we think like a young child, we realize how alarming an unusual uniform or vehicle might be perceived. Rescue vehicles are loud and fast.  To see one up close and touch it while stationary helps children be less apprehensive when one speeds by with sirens wailing.

By participating in dramatic play with costumes and acting out behaviors of community helpers, children develop important social/emotional skills and are more comfortable with uniforms. It helps them understand the world around them and their place in it. It’s important for children to learn their role in a community and that there are safe, friendly people to help them if they get sick or have an emergency. It’s comforting for children to learn there are strangers outside of their family who have a concern for their safety and well-being and to understand who they can trust.

Please join us with your young children ages 18 months to 4 years on Saturday, September 22. It will be a wonderful chance to meet and play with real community helpers from Chattanooga and get a close look at their special vehicles like police cars and fire trucks. Children can meet a real doctor and other local helpers as we meet and greet “Super Friends” of Chattanooga during our Preschool Adventure Saturday.

Preschool Adventure Saturday is included with paid admission to the Museum. For more information, visit http://www.cdmfun.org/calendar. 

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