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Get Ready for School at the Zoo

Girl-with-sheepsby Emily Lemons

A visit to the zoo is a wonderful opportunity to learn about animals from all over the world, but did you know it could also help your child get ready for kindergarten in a fun and meaningful context?  We are fortunate to have the Chattanooga Zoo in our community and as a partner in our kindergarten readiness program, Countdown to Kindergarten. While the ideas in this post are written specifically with the Chattanooga Zoo in mind, many of the ideas and activities can apply to many other places you might visit Continue reading →

Baseball Kindergarten Readiness


By Emily Lemons
Early Childhood Manager

Who doesn’t love a baseball game? Peanuts, crackerjacks, balls and strikes, and… kindergarten readiness? Believe it or not, a visit to the ballpark is a great way to help young children learn valuable skills that will prepare them for school. Young children learn best through exploration and experience, and anytime they visit a new environment, there are many opportunities for learning. Continue reading →

Leveling the Playing Field of Early Childhood Education


Countdown to Kindergarten preps children with the skills needed to start school including reading. Photo by Curtis Jolley.

By Curtis Jolley
Public Relations Coordinator

When I was a kid, running races was one of my favorite games to play with friends. “Ready! Set! Go!!!” and off we went. It always frustrated me, though, when someone would get a head start before they said, “Go!!!” And of course, whoever did that always finished first and was declared the winner. Why even finish the race at that point? It was impossible to know who was truly the fastest simply because the playing field was uneven. Continue reading →

Kindergarten?! Who Signed Me Up For This?

Jenette DeanBy: Jenette Dean
Early Childhood Manager

A spunky little guy on his first day of kindergarten in Chattanooga gathered his backpack after lunch one day and stood by the door. When the teacher asked him why he said, “In preschool we always went home after lunch.” The teacher patiently explained that in kindergarten they didn’t go home after lunch. The little boy put his hands on his hips and exclaimed, “I’d like to know who signed me up for this!”

Continue reading →

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Why Children Love Vehicles

Jenette DeanBy: Jenette Dean
Early Childhood Manager

Children love vehicles. We have all witnessed a fascination in young children for wheels and modes of transportation. Even before they understand the concept of riding in a vehicle, children get great joy from wheels on vehicles.

Creative Discovery Museum‘s upcoming Preschool Adventure Day will focus on the many “Ways to Go” by exploring the various ways people travel. Preschool Adventure Days focus on a variety of activities that will help expand a child’s vocabulary. Reading is also emphasized during Preschool Adventure Day, and helps children learn new words and concepts.

For many years, educators have been Continue reading →

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