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Get Ready for School at the Zoo

Girl-with-sheepsby Emily Lemons

A visit to the zoo is a wonderful opportunity to learn about animals from all over the world, but did you know it could also help your child get ready for kindergarten in a fun and meaningful context?  We are fortunate to have the Chattanooga Zoo in our community and as a partner in our kindergarten readiness program, Countdown to Kindergarten. While the ideas in this post are written specifically with the Chattanooga Zoo in mind, many of the ideas and activities can apply to many other places you might visit Continue reading →

Six Things Kids Need to Succeed at School

Playcore Profile PictureBy Lisa Moore, Guest Blogger
Sr. Vice President, Corporate Strategic Services

The achieve-at-all-costs educational culture is taking its toll on kids and their performance at school. Experts suggest that there are six things that kids really need to succeed in the classroom.  Continue reading →

Sometimes the Best Gift for a Child is your Time.

LizaBy: Liza Blair
Arts Manager

Sometimes the best gift for a child is your time.

chocolate-crinkle-cookieA few months ago, my two kids were spending time with their cousin, Danny, who lives in New York and only visits once a year. A rainy day caused a bump in our plans and gave us some extra time to fill. So, we decided to bake cookies.

It was one of the highlights of Danny’s visit.

Danny helped me collect ingredients, measure flour and salt, mix batter, and spoon cookies on to the baking sheet. Once the cookies were in the oven, Continue reading →

Let’s Collage It!

Jenette DeanBy: Jenette Dean
Early Childhood Manager


clay collage boy Is your child a budding Picasso? Even young children love to make art, but early childhood art doesn’t have to be all about crayons and paint. Collage is a great way for children to express themselves successfully and paper collages are easily made at home. (A great tip is to pre-glue the paper, then let your child add the collage material anywhere on the paper.) But, there are many other materials that can be used for collage.

Continue reading →

“Holey Moley!” Seeing the World Through a Child’s Eyes

JayneBy: Jayne Griffin
Director of Education

“Holey Moley!” Shouted my 2-year old grandson as he saw the blue heron take off from our icy creek last winter. I doubled over in laughter as I heard those adult words come out of his little mouth, but they were an honest expression of the wonder he found in seeing that large bird take flight. Seeing that bird had become a routine occurrence for me, but for Hill

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