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7 Ways to Make Play a Safer Risk

By Creative Discovery Museum

DSC_0926Keeping children safe is a primary goal for every parent. But children who learn to take developmentally appropriate risks with the protection and guidance of their caregivers are better equipped to make judgments because they understand their own strengths and limitations. Taking appropriate risks and overcoming challenges boosts a child’s self-confidence, so it’s important for caregivers to find a balance between safe and risky play. Here are a few tips for making play a safer risk! Continue reading →

Q & A with Lucien Scott – CDM Employee and Outdoor Enthusiast

CurtisBy Curtis Jolley
Public Relations Coordinator

If you’ve seen a Science Theater show at Creative Discovery Museum, you’ve probably seen Lucien Scott, Assistant Manager for Youth Programs and Science, doing mesmerizing experiments and inspiring a new generation of budding scientists.

What you might not know, though, is that Lucien is an avid kayaker and loves all things outdoors. He recently sat down to answer a few questions about healthy living including his training for an upcoming IRONMAN competition in 2016. Continue reading →

Outdoor Family Fun in Chattanooga

CurtisBy Curtis Jolley
Public Relations Coordinator

If you live near the Chattanooga, Tenn., area, you no doubt know what a beautiful city it is and the plethora of outdoor adventures there are that truly make it the “Scenic City.” Here’s just a few ideas to help your family get out, be healthy, and of course, have plenty of fun along the way. Continue reading →

The Benefits of Outdoor Play

Emily LemonsBy Emily Lemons
Early Childhood Manager

Children playing in a big pile of leaves.

Playing in the beautiful fall leaves is just one activity to do with your child outside!Is there anything more beautiful than Chattanooga in the fall? As the trees start their transformation and the

Is there anything more beautiful than Chattanooga in the fall? As the trees start their transformation and the temperatures start to cool, children in our area have the perfect opportunity for outdoor play.

Playing outside is not just a fun way to pass the time; it’s an important factor in a child’s development and overall health. From birth to age 5, children learn a great deal about the world around them and their role in it. The best learning comes in sensory-rich environments like the great outdoors. Continue reading →

Meet Lucien Scott

Carrie FitzsimmonsBy: Carrie Fitzsimmons Rigdon

Lucien Scott is Creative Discovery Museum’s Assistant Manager of Science and Teen Programming. However, he is known by many as a champion kayaker. You may have seen Lucien at a recent Science Theater field trip, where he performs Science Theater shows for elementary and middle schools. Or you may have seen him on the Museum floor, where he works with teen volunteers in the Museum Apprentice Program. But what does he enjoy when he leaves the incredible world of science? Let’s get to know Lucien Scott!

Continue reading →

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