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For the Love of the Picky Eater!

Carrie Fitzsimmons

“But, mom! I don’t like peas!”

“Dad, please don’t make me eat my broccoli!”

As memories reel from my childhood, I had two creative parents who encouraged healthy eating habits, but the struggle for them was real! My parents would come up with creative approaches such as, “Eat your dinner, and you can have a cookie.” Or, “Eat this bite for pappaw! Eat this bite for your cousin!” As I ate for everyone in the family tree, it seemed like the three bite rule was going strong in my years as a toddler. You know the one… “Eat three more bites, and you’re done!” Continue reading →

It’s Good for You, too!

JayneBy: Jayne Griffin, Ed. D.
Director of Education

“Ouside, G’Mom! Wanna go ouside!”

This is the mantra I heard in stereo from my 22-month-old twin granddaughters one frosty Saturday morning. It was way too cold for G’Mom to go outside and leave the comforts of a warm house and hot coffee, but as a doting grandmother, I obliged Continue reading →

Beyond the Paint Brush: Art Exploration and a Child’s Creative Mind

Jenette DeanBy: Jenette Dean
Early Childhood Manager

Parents often ask for activities they can do at home that are fun and that will positively affect their child’s development. I encourage parents to offer their children a lot of art materials since the developmental benefits of exploring with art are immeasurable, especially  Continue reading →

Creative Ideas for Indoor Fun with the Kids

LizaBy: Liza Blair
Arts Manager

When it’s too cold to play outside, here are some activities that will keep your child stimulated and engaged.

I’m a huge fan of having kids help in the kitchen.  Encourage your child to help with Continue reading →

Money and Children: A Positive Balance

By: Jayne Griffin
Director of Education

When I was in college my over-indulgent dad would deposit money into a checking account for my college living expenses, but when he reconciled my checkbook, he often found that I had entered negative numbers in the balance column. When I spent more money than I had in the account, I used my algebraic skills to track how much I had gone into the hole! Continue reading →

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